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Huawei surpassed Apple and they want to be No.1 by (☶ 0)


A: Huawei will be No.1 by Q4 2019

B: Huawei will not be No.1 by Q4 2019

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A: Huawei will be No.1 by Q4 2019

B: Huawei will not be No.1 by Q4 2019

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2018-10-01 16:03:57 by SimpleMind 0 0

The top 3 smart phone maker are Samsung, Apple and Huawei. Samsung and Apple have been on the top 2 spots for a long time without a significant No.3 challenger. The situation changed quite a lot since 2016 and very obviously during 2018.

In 2nd quarter of 2018 one big breaking news is that Huawei surpassed Apple to be the No.2. Although there are opinions what does that mean and if Apple will get back the title from Huawei in Q4 of 2018, it is big step forward for Huawai. By year to year comparison, Samsung and Apple's market share didn't change much while at the same time Huawei increased from 10% to 15.9% in one year.

Although it is not a household brand like Samsung and Apple in USA due to "security concern", Huawei has been very successful in Asia and Europe. Even though there is no carrier in USA sells Huawei phone, a lot of consumer likes the Honor brand smart phone, which can be found at Amazon with very high ratings.

In 2016, Huwei announced they want to surpass apple in 2018, and they did. Now they aim to overtake Samsung to be No.1 smart phone maker by Q4, 2019. Will they be able to achieve this goal, we still have about a year to go. At the same time Samsung, Apple and others won't sit idol. Whoever gets the title it's the consumer the winner. At least Apple may have to think twice how much they want to charge with or without serious competition.

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